About Us

Our Company

Soma Healthcare is your destination for Quality Medical Equipment at affordable prices. We offer excellent quality of refurbished products from Heart lung machine, Heater coolers, Intra-Aortic Balloon pump, Defibrillators, Multi-parameter monitors, EKG machines, Ultrasounds, IV Pumps, to a multitude of other medical equipment. Soma Healthcare proudly serves all of the Indian sub-continent. At Soma Healthcare, we deliver more than we promise!

Highly experienced people in the field of Biomedical Engineering formed a team of 15 members that combine 50+ years of varied and diverse medical/healthcare industry experience to present creative solutions to all healthcare outlets. Most qualified, highly trained Biomedical Engineers and most comprehensive refurbishing process are applied to each and every piece of equipment; in addition to an American refurbishing process and huge inventory has made us a distinct market player. In order to accommodate success, increasing demand and a growing team Soma healthcare Medical has recently relocated to a bigger place.

Our Goal

To provide adequate solutions to our customers for their medical equipment need by supplying refurbished and new products at an affordable price. Provide excellent quality of refurbished products with OEM  specifications as good as new at huge cost saving.

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Why Soma Healthcare?

Because medical equipment plays a significant role in the success of a healthcare facility, it is important to evaluate the many options when choosing suppliers. Although there are several suppliers in the industry, only Soma Healthcare can offer you:

Experience: With nearly 50+ years of combined experience, Soma Healthcare is the leader in the refurbished medical equipment industry and our customers can count on us to provide a complete solution that is guaranteed to meet their needs while staying on budget.

Inventory: We have a large inventory of equipment and parts, to  fulfill various medical equipment  needs

Engineering: Soma Healthcare has a team of biomedical engineers that are  trained to refurbish each piece of equipment according to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Engineers are trained and certified by OEM certified trainers and also to Refurbishing process per USA based ISO certified largest medical equipment refurbishing company.

Parts: Only Soma Healthcare can guarantee up to 5 years of parts availability for all the products we sell. This is possible because of our large inventory

Warranty: All of our products are accompanied by a standard industry warranty guaranteeing our customers peace of mind.

Business Associates:

Soma healthcare is associated with Soma Technology IncUSA the largest Medical Equipment Refurbishing company in America based at Bloomfield, CT as the Authorized & Exclusive business Partner for India and South Asia. Soma Technology Inc. is ISO:13485 certified company known for its refurbishing at OEM standards and ISO quality requirement, and holding huge inventory  of all medical equipment as a back up. For more info logon to www.SomaTechnology.com

The Refurbishing Process:

We understand the importance of medical equipment and, even though Soma healthcare is not ISO certified we follow all required steps of ISO medical industry standards during our refurbishing process so our customers have access to our refurbished products that are as good as brand new.

Technical Refurbishment: 

An initial physical condition check followed by a comprehensive technical refurbishing process. After the physical inspection we complete an operational test with proper testing devices/equipment. Then a complete performance check is carried out in which we test all parameters of the equipment thoroughly with the help of test and calibration equipment. All of our biomedical engineers are equipped with the appropriate testing equipment and procedures, verified according to the specifications of the manufacturer. At this stage, any and all parts that are not performing properly are replaced and repaired according to the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer like internal and external batteries, fan filters, bacteria filters and any other consumable parts like oxygen sensor etc. Finally we secure all circuit boards, connectors and cable harnesses to avoid future breakdowns. The unit is then reassembled and it is then ready to undergo further testing and calibration. At this point, all accessories, peripherals and modules commonly used with the equipment are introduced so overall operation and effectiveness can be verified.

Cosmetic Refurbishment
To assure the highest quality of our products our comprehensive cosmetic recondition process plays a vital role. Every piece of equipment is inspected for any wear and tear. Units are then sanded, primed and painted as necessary. We use the highest quality products in this process and all equipments are painted per original specifications.  The result is a piece of equipment that is completely functional and looks brand new.

Quality  Check
At this stage we run our performance and calibration tests again to make sure all parameters are still within OEM specification. We make sure all required standard accessories and purchased items are included properly.